Solomon Education Center


from Students and Teachers


Good school, got me into the university I want and also came with some great memories!

-Victor (Student, Class of 2019)


SEC is a wonderful place for everyone who wants to be successful not only in high school and university, but the rest of life. It is relatively small compared to most high schools across the state, but the variety of classes it offers is incredible! It is small but limitless. If you are a hard-working student, go to SEC. All the staff there are compassionate about what they teach. If you are not a diligent student, the principal will make you work hard, which is an essential skill in order to Ace college. Although he is a super nice person, he won't hesitate to push you hard because he really cares about every student and wants you to success. Teachers do a really good job at encouraging students to stay on task and helping them understand course materials. Last but not least, SEC promotes students' own ideas. Students form their own interest groups and create different clubs and organize parties. Study hard, play hard!

- ZZ (Student, Class of 2019)


Coming to this school is very meaningful to me. I have met lots of good friends who have my back when I am having troubles...night school really helps us get into a good university… I will never forget the time I spent at Solomon and the people I have met.

- Howard (Student, Class of 2016)


As I finish my senior year, I’ve made more friends than I expected. I helped plan and participated in school activities and had a blast. Most importantly I accomplished what I came to do at this school: I got into college. In the fall, I'll be headed to Western Washington University to study biology. This couldn't have been possible without Mr. Lee (who believed in me from the moment I came here), other staff members and my friends. I’m still lackadaisical (my favorite SAT word), but I also have better time management skills and I get things done while still having fun...I’m looking forward to using the skills I learned at Solomon next year at Western.

- Jana (Student, Class of 2016)


Without Solomon, I would not have been the person I am now. In this school, I met the very best people that I could ever call friends, the people who gave me the love of family that I missed out on because I left my parents so early. I met the very best teachers who teach me with all their hearts, giving me knowledge that one day I will definitely need. Most importantly, I met Solomon, the place that brings sweet memories, family and friends, laughter and tears - my second home.

- Khoa (Student, Class of 2016)



Hello the school leaders and teachers, I very appreciate that you educate and care about my son during these four years. Our whole family is so delighted that he has received admission letters from five American four-year universities. I would like to express my millions of thanks to the school and teachers for teaching my son and especially providing him precious educational direction and guiding him to develop in a better way according to his needs! Besides studying, I really appreciate that you care about my kid's development on personal character, social skills, health and safety! In the previous time, he often got sick. The school and Mrs. Shen really cared about him and brought him to the clinic to see a doctor. It makes us feel very comfortable. Thanks to the school and teachers for being patient and tolerant to my kid, and then he could improve positively and achieve today's good grades and good health!

- Parent of SIS Student


Our experience with SEC was great. They really helped our daughter raise her GPA, and the SAT tutoring was really helpful too. Every time she came back from her sessions, she felt more and more confident about her upcoming test! Anyone looking for help for high-schoolers should absolutely go check them out.

- Parent of SEC Student



As a staff member at SEC I appreciate the dedication that my colleagues bring to the workplace. Everyone truly does their best for these students in order to help them succeed. Students have a wide variety of options from online courses to SAT prep. Staff are always available to help with student questions and provide feedback.

- SEC Teacher


Working at SEC has been a dream. Each staff member truly cares about our students and it shows in everything they do. Each day brings more opportunity to get to know our students and their passions better. Seeing our students succeed not just at SEC but also in life after high school has been one of the best things about the job.

- SEC Teacher


Solomon International School is an excellent school for American and international students grades 7-12, where they are taught life skills and character building in addition to academic knowledge. SIS offers after school programs that allow students to retake courses or to take courses that they don’t have time for during the day. The elective courses offered are strong, such as SAT prep, TOEFL prep, Philosophy, Logic, and Economics. Students are monitored closely, especially in the dormitory since the students are often far from their parents’ supervision. Each student receives a customized academic plan to help them meet their university goals. Graduates from SIS gain admission into many of the best universities throughout the United States.

- SIS Teacher

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