Solomon Education Center

Elementary School Programs

Elementary School Programs

Reading Club

Grades K to 6  


     1:00pm - 5:00pm

     6 months  or 12 months

                                                                                                         All reading club members need to read a minimum of two assigned books per week and take tests weekly.

Academic Sessions

Grades K to 6

     All subjects - Regular and Gifted Program course subjects including:

     * ELL

     * English

   * Math

* ISEE Test prep sessions


                                                                                              One on One Sessions (One teacher and one student)

                                                                                              Two on One Sessions (One teacher and two students)

Music Lessons

Grades K to 6


      Check with SEC for lesson schedules and Tuition & Fees



                                                                                                           Flute, Clarinet and Violin (One on One OR Small Group lessons)  


                                                                                                           NOTE: All SEC music program students can join SEC band and orchestra at free of charge 

                                                                                                           This program will prepare students for Middle School Band and/or orchestra and many performance experience

NOTESEC will check student’s school academic progress and GPA every week for all SEC enrolled students