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Conversations to Have Before the New School Year

Each student starts the new school year with slightly different emotions. Some feel excited, others nervous. Some are ready to be challenged, others feel bogged down by all the new information. Those in transition years such as 6th and 9th grades can have a harder time than they may initially think.

                Here are five things every student and parent should talk about before the school year begins in order to help support your student’s transition into the new year:

  •   Expectations

    • Parents have expectations, but so do students. Make sure to discuss these with each other before school starts. Do you expect high grades? Does your student expect homework help? Discuss what each of you is expecting to stay the same as last school year and what expectations may have changed with the new school year.

  • Wants/Needs

    • Make sure to talk with your child about what they want and need for the new school year. Maybe they don’t need fifty new felt pens, but maybe some felt pens may help them study better by color-coding their notes. Talk about what they want and need the new school items for. How will these things benefit their studies?

  • Fears

    • Each year comes with new fears. A new teacher, a new class, new friends, maybe an entirely new school. Find out what your child is feeling most unsure about and find ways to talk about them together. Try and come up with preliminary solutions to these problems. If they have a hard time in a certain class, agree to look for a tutor. Sometimes there aren’t solutions for each fear a child has but being there for them to express these fears can be helpful, too. 

  • Schedules

    • You and your student should plan your schedules for the new school year. When do they need to be up and ready for school? Will they be walking, taking the bus, being dropped off? When school is done, do they have after school activities? Make sure to set a scheduled time for homework every day. This will help students start their homework instead of putting it off.

  • Goals

    • Talk with your student about what their goals for the year are. Do they want to raise their GPA? Do they want to take classes that will give them a boost next school year? Do they want to join a new extracurricular or volunteer somewhere? Together, come up with ways that you can support them in these goals.  

As always, SEC is here to help facilitate conversations like these between students and parents. Let us know how we can best support you and your family this coming school year by calling (425) 395 – 8000 today.

We all wish you and your student the best of luck this coming school year! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!