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Avoiding the Summer Slide

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Do you want your 7th-12th grade student to get the most up-to-date education information out there? Do you want them to have an easier time in school, on their SAT, and in applying to college? Do you want them to get  a smart start and make friends who have similar goals?

Sign your student up for our Smart Start Club! We'll be having our next event in July, and we're looking for fun-loving, academically minded students to join! 

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Upcoming SEC Events:

  • June 15th SEC Graduation Ceremony @ SEC - Our seniors are graduating! It's time to send them off onto their next adventure! Come say a warm goodbye and help send off our grads! 

  • June 19th SEC's Sponsor Day @ Kirkland Wednesday Market - We're sponsoring the market this summer! We'll be at the market with games, prizes, and coupons this coming Wednesday, June 19th from 2pm-7pm. Come check out the market, hang out with us, and grab some fresh produce while you're there! 


Every K-12th grade student is at risk of Summer Learning Loss.

How to Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer Learning Loss or "The Summer Slide" is a very real phenomenon in school-aged students. It makes sense, too. If you don't use your knowledge, you will lose it. 

Keeping your student(s) reading and critically thinking are the most important things you can do to stop summer learning loss from setting in. 

Insuring that your student is actively reading and critically thinking during the summer can be difficult, though. There is the constant distraction of television, video games, phones, socializing. The list goes on and on. There are a million other things students want to be doing during their summer break. 

Our advice? Help them find something they're academically interested in! Is there a certain subject they excelled in this past year and they want to explore more of it? Or perhaps they struggled in a certain subject, and they want another go at it in a different setting. Even a single course can help students keep their brains active.

Younger students will benefit from our weekly Reading Club, which aims to get students reading more while also working to improve their reading comprehension skills and reading level.  

For 7-12th graders, Solomon Education Center offers an extensive list of courses that are done in either small group or 1-on-1 settings. Students can choose their own schedule and classes. These classes can help improve their GPA, their confidence, and their academic interests. 

Below find a selection of classes from our course catalog that could get your student excited about learning, even during the summer:


Give us a call at (425) 395- 8000 to set up a consultation and discuss ways we can keep your student learning this summer!

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