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Solomon Education Center


Social Emotional Learning

Young children are constantly being told to mind their manners, be respectful, be kind and to share. These characteristics are nurtured and praised throughout childhood. Yet, once the teenage years approach, a natural dissonance seems to take place between teens and parents where sharing information about their social lives seems to come in bits and pieces.

Peers, digital media, confusing messages, and misinformation seem to fill up the spaces that were once solely occupied by parents and one or two elementary teachers. Larger schools with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers often lose students in the shuffle causing students to “fall through the cracks” not by intention...but by design.

Social Emotional Learning has moved to the forefront in education and with good reason-- it is a key component of the holistic approach. Physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are viewed just as important as cognitive learning. As self-awareness grows young people need to be able to navigate through their complex feelings, to take responsibility for their decisions, to empathize with others around them, and communicate well to maintain positive relationships.

Like many smaller secondary schools Solomon Education Center has made it a priority to give students time to practice their social skills in number of ways:



  • Advisory meetings

  • Student Council

  • Club Activities

  • Seasonal Field Trips

  • Elementary Orchestra

  • Reading Club

  • Peer-assessment opportunities


Without question, Solomon Education Center offers the best of both worlds: the personalization of a small school, while setting expectations that students must be accountable for their thoughts and actions as well as communicate with one another in a positive manner.

Mark Lackey

Abraham Lee