Solomon Education Center

Solomon Education Center


Sharing Your Life Story

At SEC, we're busy preparing for our summer programs and the close of an academic year. It's been an incredible journey for us and for our students, especially in how they are growing into their personalities and talents. 

As students navigate growing up, their educational journey, and adjusting to life in a new country, they're faced with challenges every day. There are embarrassing moments, awkward situations, and forks in the road. There are math equations and research papers that are difficult.

There are also achievements, small and big, that begin to define their identity.  Perhaps the greatest lesson our students learn is how to turn obstacles into challenges that are to be overcome, not excuses that block them from success. This is an essential skill for young people to learn. We've watched students conquer writing rhetoric, pass difficult exams, and master SAT strategies. We've listened to them take those embarrassing moments and turn them into humorous speeches. They're proud of every part of who they are and who they are trying to become through their education. 

For many students, 1-on-1 sessions have enabled them to break open their creative talents. They are exploring new ways to express not their learning while also understanding their own unique life stories they have to share with the world. 

Since SEC opened in September, all of our students have benefitted from individual attention and small class sizes. This time and care have allowed them to express themselves authentically, to ask for help whenever they need it, and to have someone cheering them on as they learn and grow. Each student is encouraged to make connections with their courses and find what stories they have to share.

These stories become more than essays, though. They become short movies, speeches, posters, of comic books. The way our students are able to express themselves becomes as unique as they are. 

We've welcomed new students and teachers in the last month from a variety of backgrounds. With each new member of the SEC family is a new story that adds itself to the library of Solomon Education Center. 

Summer vacation will begin from June 16, and our Summer Programs start on July 2.

(Please note that there will be no school on July 4th for Independence Day.) 

Abraham Lee