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What is Your Goal?

Everyone has goals in life.

Many of the classes international students take in another country do not always transfer to the U.S. educational system. They have to, in effect, start over at the very beginning of their educational journey.

For many students, the thought of a junior or senior going back to repeat freshman classes with students who are much younger than he is not a viable option, but for many it is only choice.

SEC fills that void by offering High School Completion Courses whereby a student can find their optimal learning environment by either working in a group setting or 1 to 1 and get started on fulfilling their goal of making up coursework at their own pace with students their own age whether they be Middle School, High School, or University level.

It is helpful to set smaller steps to achieve a larger goal, which is what the teachers at Solomon Education Center excel in.

Other students may have had enough time to acclimate to a new school in Washington, but may need more support in their regular classes. And some may be on the verge of starting their High School endeavour and need a few more reading, writing, or math skills to help boost their confidence.

These are all lofty goals, and can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why the administration at SEC sets realistic completion dates for each student to strive for.

It is helpful to take smaller steps to achieve a larger goal, which is what the teachers at The Solomon Education Center excel at. This is done in a variety of ways by: assessing and dealing with challenges, setting hourly goals, completing weekly progress reports, creating accountability,  using positive messages, and as I like to remind students, rewarding themselves after completing a hard earned goal.

Whether your goal is making up credit courses, gaining more skills, or just bolstering up your existing ones, SEC is here to support all of your educational goals today! Our Free ESL Spring Quarter continues until April 28th, we look forward to helping you achieve your future goals today whatever they may be.

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