Solomon Education Center

Solomon Education Center


Springtime Growth at Solomon

Spring is in the air at Solomon! Outside, flowers are beginning to bud and we’re growing too.

Last month we welcomed new full-time and part-time teachers for both English and math. We’ve also built brand new one-on-one classrooms to accommodate more and more sessions.

Our students have been hard at work completing their credit courses. Every day, students are working on research projects, performing science experiments, or building vocabulary skills through team games.

Our middle school students did an extensive research project that included interviewing teachers and students at Solomon. Because our school designed to have small classroom sizes, we’re able to encourage and guide students through their coursework while allowing them to explore their own unique interests. One student used their project to discuss the urgent need to protect the environment by analyzing water quality, pollution, and energy use. Another student used his interest in video games to craft an in-depth project in to the psychological impact of games on youth, while also analyzing the benefits of video games in teaching strategy, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork.

Ski Club had their last lesson at Snoqualmie Pass over the weekend. Students were able to choose skiing or snowboarding, get a feel for the sport, and challenge themselves on the slopes. Through our club activities, students of different ages and grade levels were able to get to know one another and form new friendships.

Though Ski Club is over for the season, Solomon has a wealth of activities going on. We have begun our adult ESL classes and will be kicking off Reading Club on Saturdays, allowing us to have a greater reach into the community and families of our students. As our learning community grows with new students and teachers, we’re looking forward to taking advantage of the sunny spring weather to get outside together.

Bree Fabig

Abraham Lee