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Solomon Education Center


A Good Beginning of The New Semester

The first semester of school is upon us, how is your child faring? Has the excitement of the first initial weeks of review warn off only to be replaced by something else entirely as more challenging material approaches or have they simply fallen into a regular study routine that lacks interaction and enthusiasm?

No matter what situation they find themselves in, now is the time for students to practice and reinforce positive study habits. If your child is struggling this year consider the following:

  • Develop good reading, writing, and pronunciation habits.

  • Become an active reader, asking themselves questions, make predictions, and summarize what you read.

  • Work on time management skills by staying organized, disciplined, and setting goals.

  • Consider enrolling in an after school program that covers a wide variety of educational needs.

SEC is here to support students whether it be with homework help, advancing reading skills, PSAT or SAT preparation, High School and University Credit Courses or academic planning.

Mark Lackey

Abraham Lee