Solomon Education Center

Solomon Education Center


Happy New Year!

We’re back in the swing of things after the winter holidays. Before the break, we had a potluck dinner with SEC students and their families. It was such a joy for all of us to try each other’s home cooking, laugh, listen to holiday tunes, and bond. Our students also participated in a White Elephant exchange, resulting in some hilarious thievery (and some snazzy socks)!


Our students have accomplished so much in the short time they have been here. From wrapping up courses to diving into speech writing and science experiments, everyone is working hard on their individual academic goals.

For the first time ever, Solomon is offering university credit courses! Our students are exploring various concepts at the college level, sparking lively discussions on various topics such as: using the sociological perspective to find patterns people display on a macro and micro levels, analyzing positive and negative  theories regarding social structure, as well as examining their own attitudes towards society and social issues.


Students have written memorable papers applying these ideas to contemporary topics they care about. One student researched and condemned gun violence in America, while another student effectively deconstructed President Trump's travel ban on immigrants as having both positive social function and latent (negative) functions.



For our middle school students, we’ve begun to tackle the art of arguing by working on persuasive writing. One student, with a passion for cars, gave a presentation to staff and students on the superior quality of Toyota vehicles and their engineering accomplishments in the world of cars. Another student chose to use film and audio recordings to break down the components of the new iPhone X, reasoning that the value of its technology for consumers outweighs the high cost of the phone.

The next round of PSAT and SAT courses begin this week! We’re proud of the improvement students are showing in their critical thinking strategies. These tests are a challenge but our students are focused and motivated. As teachers, it’s fulfilling to support them as they work towards their university goals.

Though January is typically a dreary, rainy month here in the area, the enthusiasm of our students and teachers at SEC makes each day a bright and exciting adventure. The individual attention we’re able to offer students has planted the seeds of a blooming community of learners, and we’re all looking forward to the accomplishments our students will be making this year. Cheers to 2018!


-Bree Fabig



Abraham Lee