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Solomon Education Center provides our students and families the highest quality education services and opportunities available. Our comprehensive education programs cover all ages from elementary students through middle school, high school, college, and even adults.

What’s the secret to success at SEC? It all starts with attention to detail. SEC evaluates each student’s academic record and prescribes a recommended plan of action. No two students are the same and neither are their academic plans. Each student’s custom academic plan maximizes his or her opportunity to raise GPA, score higher on the SAT, earn high school or college credit, or simply improve general English skills.

SEC is affiliated with Solomon International School. Located on dual-campuses in Edmonds and Everett, SIS has maintained a 100% university admissions record for all of its graduates since 1994. Our affiliation with SIS provides a solid foundation for providing rigorous academic training, insightful academic advising, and much more for our students.

We are excited to serve the diverse community at our Bellevue location. Come see how SEC can help you reach the next level in your academic journey!


Solomon International School Everett Campus

Solomon International School - Edmonds Campus

DOAN THI DIEM SCHOOL - SIS Hanoi, Vietnam Campus


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SEC knows that finding the right education partner is a vital step in your journey. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your current needs and future academic goals.

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